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Roland® Artichoke Hearts with Chef Carl Raymond

Watch Chef Carl Raymond working with Roland® Artichoke Hearts to prepare a salad with roasted red peppers. Roland® Artichoke Hearts are yellow/green in color. They are the interior, heart of the artichoke, which has a fresh light are low in calories and make any dish, pizza, soup or salad distinctive.

Thai Green Curry with Roland® Green Curry Paste prepared by Chef Carl Raymond

Chef Carl Raymond Prepares Thai Green curry using Roland® Green Curry Paste. Green Curry Paste tends to be as hot as red paste but with an element of sweetness to it. It is a product of Singapore. Green Curry Paste can be used for grilling, baking, and as a marinade.

Farro Salad prepared by Chef Carl Raymond

Chef Carl Raymond prepares Farro Salad with Feta, Black Olives and Grape Tomatoes. This recipe features Roland® Farro, an ancient grain similar to Spelt and is a product of Italy. Farro can be added to stews and soups, mixed with roasted vegetables, and flavored with porcini mushrooms.

Warm Hearts of Palm Dip with Roland® Hearts of Palm prepared by Chef Sandra Gutierrez

Hearts of Palm are the prized edible hearts of young palm trees. They have a silky texture and a delicate flavor resembling that of an artichoke. They are an interesting addition to a salad or main dish as a vegetable with a unique flavor. Chef Sandra Gutierrez prepares a Warm Hearts of Palm Dip using Roland® Hearts of Palm.

Roland® Artichokes

Roland® Artichokes are low in calories and make any dish, pizza, soup or salad distinctive. They can be used in appetizers, dips, and antipastos. They blend well with other vegetables sauté with peppers, onions, garlic and Roland® Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Serve with mild products such as pork, veal, chicken and various types of seafood.

Roland® Sriracha Sauce

Roland® Sriracha is a great substitute for ketchup, when looking for a condiment with a kick. It is made from sun-ripened chilies. The red, thick spreadable sauce is tangy and has a bit of spice. Sriracha is great in soups, sauces, on sandwiches and appetizers. Try it on everything from hot dogs to chow mein.

Roland® Coconut Milk

Roland® Coconut Milk is a smooth, thick liquid made from coconut. It has an off white color and a sweet, coconut flavor. Its consistency is such that it can be spooned or poured. The primary use for Roland® Coconut Milk is for preparing Piña Coladas. It may be used in other tropical drinks, with or without alcohol. It may also be used in cakes, puddings and toppings.

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