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Roland® Sesame Oil

Roland® Sesame Oil may be used straight from the bottle, preferably at room temperature. It holds up well under heat and can be used in a variety of cooking preparations. Roland® Sesame Oil is used extensively in Oriental stir-fry cooking, mixed in with peanut or other vegetable cooking oils. It is used in marinating, seafood, poultry and meats, and can be added to soups.

Roland® Arborio and Carnaroli Rice

Roland® Arborio rice is a short grain rice with high starch content which yields the distinctive, creamy texture of risotto. This product is imported from Italy. Use Arborio rice to cook with porcini mushrooms, chicken broth and Romano cheese. Try cooking with sun-dried tomatoes.

Roland® Carnaroli Rice is the premier risotto rice of professional chefs. It is a superfine, short grain rice that will not stick together. This variety has a particularly firm grain and absorbs flavors when cooked with stock for savory dishes. Use this high quality rice to create exceptional creamier risottos.

Roland® Soba, Udon and Lo Mein Noodles

Roland® Chuka Soba Noodles are bright-yellow wheat noodles. Their al dente texture and mellow flavors are perfect with hearty broths, savory dipping sauces and marinated meates and poultry.

Roland® Buckwheat Noodles and Udon Noodles are made in the traditional manner from organic ingredients. These noodles are eaten hot or cold, steamded, stir-fried, boiled, or served in soup. For the nutritionally-inclined, noodles are an excellent source of protein. Besides being low in calories, they are extremely high in complex carbohydrates.

Roland® Lo Mein Noodles are made in the traditional manner from organic whole wheat flour and sea salt. Cold Sesame Noodles are made with Lo Mein, any sitr fried protein such as beef, chicken, or pork is a perfect accompaniment to Lo Mein.

Roland® Anchovies and Anchovy Paste

Roland® Anchovies and Anchovy Paste have a distinct flavor and are useful as a flavoring ingredient.

Roland® Anchovies can be used in a variety of recipes as an ingredient or added to a prepared dish before serving. Easily sautéed with meat or vegetables, on a sald or added to a dressing, these anchovies are highly versatile.

Use Roland® Anchovy Paste to make anchovy butters for appetizers and spread. Anchovy paste is used in many sauces and salad dressings and is a key ingredient in Caesar salads.

Roland Foods Revolution

Roland Foods product packaging through time.


Israeli Couscous Salad with Roland® Israeli Couscous featuring Chef Luca Paris

Chef Luca Paris prepares a hearty Mediterranean Salad using Roland Foods’ imported Israeli Couscous. Roland® Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used in the dish as well. Roland® Israeli Couscous is a pasta-like product imported from Israel. The size is slightly larger than traditional couscous. It is a great alternative to pasta or rice as a side dish. Can be used as a base for grilled vegetables or sautéed sliced chicken or beef dishes.

Panzanella Salad with Roland® Balsamic Glaze featuring Chef Luca Paris

Chef Luca Paris prepares a wonderful Panzanella Salad using Roland® Balsamic Glaze to add a delicious complement to the olive oil and fresh basil flavors. Roland® Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used in the dish as well. The Balsamic Glaze’s squeeze bottle makes plate decorating a breeze.

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