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Roland® Truffle Oil

Roland® Truffle Oil is used to flavor risottos, pasta and cheese dishes. It can be used to saute mushrooms and other vegetables. Fish and seafood can be sauteed in truffle oil and the pan juices used to make a delicious truffle sauce. Roland® Truffle Oil should be used sparingly due to its intense flavor. A little goes a long way.

Roland® Polenta

Roland® Polenta provides a filling, satisfying alternative to potatoes or rice. Roland® Polenta can be served as an appetizer, first course, or side dish in a main meal. It is often used as a base for grilled vegetables or meats. At its simplest, it is topped with butter and parmesan cheese. It can also be served for breakfast.

Roland® Capers and Caperberries

Roland® Capers have more intense flavor for sauces and salads. They are handpicked and selected for the best possible quality and consistency in size. Use Roland® Capers in salads, antipastos, in sauces for pasta, especially puttanesca sauce, in rice and risotto dishes. Roland® Capers are used regulary with milder fish dishes such as salmon, sole, and swordfish as a flavor enhancer.

Roland® Caperberries have good eye appeal, flavor and are easy to use. They can be added to many different dishes, or added to an appetizer tray to be eaten like a cornichon. They are packed with the stem-on which makes for easy handling. Caperberries are ideal for antipasto trays, buffets, and center of plate garnishes. they can be used in paella and are perfect for snacks or use in place of a green olive in a gin or vodka martini.



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